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Previous Events

June 2023
Heat Stroke 

Chatham-Kent Health Alliance 

As the warm weather approaches, the CKHA ED prioritized proactive measures in tackling severe heat strokes. This session concentrated on the recognition and effective management of classic and exertional heat strokes. Yes, that captivating photo showcases a body bag ice bath in action!


June 2023
Outpatient Emergencies!

Thamesview Family Health Team, Chatham ON

We conducted our inaugural outpatient simulation session, where we gratefully accepted an invitation to deliver half-day training on three potential emergencies that can arise in an outpatient environment. Our participants comprised front administration, nurses, physicians, RTs, and others. Together, we navigated through crucial first-aid measures for these scenarios while also exploring strategies to enhance their team's emergency response capabilities.


May 2023
Salicylate & TCA Toxicity 
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance 

The CKHA ED Team collaborated on two distinct toxicology cases, delving into the intricacies of salicylate toxicity first, followed by TCA toxicity. These rare yet perilous emergencies demand our utmost readiness!


May 12 & 13, 2023
SIM and Procedural Skills Sessions  
Huntsville Regional Hospital

Over the course of 1.5 days we delivered 6 interprofessional, in-situ cases to the amazing ED Team in Huntsville as well as a procedural skills session to the ED docs. 


April 29 & 30, 2023
Simulation Weekend 
Pembroke Regional Hospital

We were honoured to be invited back to provide more education to the wonderful Pembroke ED Physicians. This year, we held two full days of simulation sessions, including pediatric and neonatal resuscitation. We covered 12 unique cases throughout the weekend. 


April 2023
Aortic Dissection 
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

The CKHA ED Team worked together on 2 separate, complex aortic dissection cases. We discussed the ins and outs of this life-threatening emergency, and delved into its nuanced complications and their management such as RCA dissection, and acute aortic regurgitation. 


March 2023
The Critically Ill Neonate  
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, Wallaceburg Site

Healthcare professionals came together for a hands-on simulation session focused on critically ill neonates, covering cases like neonatal sepsis and ductal dependent heart conditions. Participants practiced NRP algorithms, intubation, umbilical vein catheter placements, and more, enhancing their skills and teamwork.


March 2023
Simulation and Skills Day 
Four Counties Health Services, Newbury

We provided pediatric resuscitation training to doctors and nurses at Four Counties Hospital in Newbury, Ontario, offering four real-life cases and a procedural skills session. The team was honored to be invited back and work with this dedicated group of medical professionals.


February 2023
Massive PE and Hemoptysis
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

A particularly hands-on session with practice using bronchoscopy for mainstem intubation, and discussion around the complex physiology of massive PE (pulmonary HTN and RV failure)


January 2023
Burns and Accidental Hypothermia
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

This SIM session offered training in the management of a major burn with cyanide toxicity, as well as severe hypothermia. 


December 2022
Paediatric Bronchiolitis & Asthma
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

With an uprise of serious respiratory illnesses in children across Ontario, Dynamic Simulation offered this session at the CKHA which focused on the management of severe bronchiolitis and asthma in children.


November 2022
Alcohol and Anaphylaxis 
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

Dynamic Simulation provided a two hour SIM session at the CKHA which focused on the management of ethylene glycol overdose and refractory anaphylaxis. 


September 2022
Procedural Skills Day 
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

Dynamic Simulation provided 5, hands-on, procedural skills stations including cricothyrotomy, central line insertion, airway management, OB delivery (and complications) and chest-tube insertion to 25 physicians over the course of the day. A special thank you to our session facilitators, Drs. Epp, Dixon, Federman and Sutherland.


August 2022
Rural Complexities
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance- Wallaceburg Campus

This was our first SIM in Wallaceburg. The session was geared to provide first-hand experience with some of the difficulties CKHA ED staff face when resuscitating a patient in their most rural site (Wallaceburg). Cases included refractory V Fib secondary to MI, as well as Polytrauma with Cardiac Arrest. 


June 2022
Code Stroke
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

This was our first SIM session to involve CK local EMS colleagues. We had a standardized patient assessed and transported to the ED with stroke-like symptoms. The SIM team were require to engage in two resuscitation cases including encephalitis with septic shock, and unstable rapid atrial fibrillation with large-vessel right M1 occlusion.


June 2022
Half-Day SIM
Four-Counties Health Services, Newbury

An event in the small town of Newbury, Ontario, we covered three complex resuscitation scenarios including calcium channel blocker overdose, massive PE, and status epilepticus.


May 2022
Paediatric Trauma
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

We covered two paediatric trauma cases including polytrauma and severe head injury. Both of these complex scenarios provided an opportunity to review the nuances of paediatric resuscitation and how they differ from adults.


May 2022
Full-Day SIM 
Alexandra Hospital Ingersoll

Our second event outside of Chatham. We provided a full-day of SIM for the Ingersoll ED Physicians. This day covered 6 critical care cases with a focus on caring for patients in a rural/remote environment with limited resources.


April 2022
"Atypical Traumas" 
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

This interprofessional simulation focused on some complex scenarios we face in Trauma patients, including management of limb amputation, DOAC reversal, traumatic cardiac arrest, and expanding neck hematoma.


March 2022
Simulation Day
Pembroke Regional Hospital

The second day of education at Pembroke Regional Hospital, this simulation session covered 6 complex critical care cases with hands-on procedure practice, to allow participants to consolidate their learning from the procedural skills day before. 


March 2022
Procedural Skills Day
Pembroke Regional Hospital

Our first event outside of our home location of Chatham. This was the first of two full days of education for the Emergency Physicians at Pembroke Regional Hospital. Multiple skills were reviewed, with hands on practice with video-laryngoscopy, awake intubation, cricothyrotomy, central line insertion, and chest-tube insertion. 


February 2022
Status Day
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

A day dedicated to "status" cases including a complex status epilepticus and status asthmaticus. Excellent review of the most recent recommendations for status epilepticus management, as well as some great teaching on the nuanced ventilation settings for intubated asthmatics.


January 2022
Complications of Immunotherapy
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

This interprofessional SIM focused on the complications of immunotherapy, in particular, rare endocrinopathies including adrenal crisis and myxedema coma. As always, it was a great team building and learning exercise. Thanks to all who participated. 


November 2021
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

Our first Mainpro+ accredited session, this interprofessional SIM focused on two common toxicology cases--organophosphate poisoning and TCA overdose. A complex and educational simulation! Thanks to all who participated. 


July 2021
Paediatric Resuscitation 
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

This simulation session included inter-professional in-situ sessions, and multiple ER Doc only sessions throughout the day. Thank you to the Paediatricians, and Paeds nursing staff who participated in the inter-professional session! Topics included neonatal septic shock and infant SVT. 


June 2021
Resuscitation of the Pregnant Patient
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

This high-stakes, high-intensity simulation session involved two cases surrounding pregnancy - polytrauma resulting in placental abruption, and peripartum cardiomyopathy resulting in cardiac arrest and resuscitative hysterotomy. It was attended by multiple ER physicians, ER nurses, as well as Maternity Nurses and a local Obstetrician/Gynaecologist.


May 2021
First Interprofessional, In-Situ SIM!
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

This was the first of many monthly interprofessional ER simulations at CKHA. We had an excellent turnout of nurses, RT's and ER Docs. It focused on the management of a massive GI bleed and calcium channel blocker overdose. 


April 2021
Burns, PE's, Awake Intubations
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

This physician only SIM was attended by over 15 CKHA ER Physicians. It was run over the course of a day and focused on awake intubation, burn management, and management of submassive/massive pulmonary embolism. 

Past Events: Event Portfolio

April 2020
COVID19 Airway Management
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

When the pandemic first began, some of airway management protocols needed to change quickly in order to protect our patients and staff. This SIM provided multiple airway management scenarios over the course of a three days to Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) ER Physicians.

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