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Four Counties SIM September 2023




1. DKA Physiology Review Video

2. Canadian Diabetes Association Guidelines

3. ED Approach to DKA


Toxic Alcohol


1. General Approach

2. Summary of Management

Methanol and ethylene glycol intoxication_ Rapid overview - UpToDate
Download PDF • 75KB

3. Journal Article

***Please note: it is not necessary to read the entire article below. Please focus on Page 7/Page 276.

NEJM Approach
Download PDF • 539KB

Extra Resources:

Extrip (Guidelines for What and When to Dialyze Something)

Stages of Ethylene Glycol Toxicity




1. General Approach

2. Paediatric Summary (CPS Position Statement)

3. Summary of Diagnostic Criteria

Diagnostic criteria for anaphylaxis - UpToDate
Download PDF • 86KB


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