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Grand River Hospital SIM- March 22, 2024


Polytrauma - Amputations & Traumatic Cardiac Arrest


1. Tourniquet Placement

  • Video

  • Article (Tourniquet Use)

Download PDF • 204KB

2. Cardiac Arrest in Trauma

3. Introducer Sheath (Cordis) Placement


STEMI with Refractory V Fib


1. Refractory V Fib & Dual Sequential Defibrillation

2. Cardiac Arrest Management Nuances

3. TPA/TNK During a Code


Massive Pulmonary Embolism


1. General Overview

Massive PE Article
Download PDF • 199KB
  • In the above article, pay special attention to the pathophysiology of RV failure and nuances in management found on pages 6 and 7

2. Video


AMAX4 Anaphylaxis/Asthma/Bronchospasm


1. AMAX 4 Review

I would strongly suggest watching the FULL 60 minute video below:

However, if you do not have the available time, please see 2 alternative shorter videos below:

Max 4 Minutes

Treating Anaphylaxis

2. Example AMAX4 SIM



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