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October 4 2023- Erie Shores Simulation Session


Paediatric Head Trauma


1. TREKK Guidelines

TREKK Severe Head Injury
Download PDF • 524KB


Paediatric Polytrauma


1. Synopsis

EM Cases - Paediatric Polytrauma
Download PDF • 644KB

TREKK Multisystem Trauma Approach
Download PDF • 231KB

2. Academic Article

Management of Paediatric Polytrauma Article
Download PDF • 491KB

3. Algorithm

TREKK Multisystem Trauma Algorithm
Download PDF • 2.61MB


Aortic Dissection


1. Approach to Diagnosis

2. Diagnosis and Management General Summary for the ED Doc

3. ADVISED Trial Summary

4. POCUS in Aortic Dissection


Accidental Hypothermia


1. Academic Articles:

2. Brief Clinical Summary/General Approach:

3. Algorithm

Management Flow Diagtram
Download PPTX • 407KB

Extra Readings:


Calcium Channel Blocker Overdose


1. Academic Article:

Calcium Channel Blocker Overdose Article
Download PDF • 963KB

2. Brief Clinical Summary/General Approach:


Polytrauma - Amputations & Traumatic Cardiac Arrest


1. Tourniquet Placement

  • Video

  • Article (Tourniquet Use)

Download PDF • 204KB

2. Cardiac Arrest in Trauma

3. Introducer Sheath (Cordis) Placement




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