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Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital SIM- Afternoon Session


Polytrauma - Amputations & Traumatic Cardiac Arrest


Physician Readings (Nurses Also Feel Free to Review)

1. Tourniquet Placement

  • Video

  • Article (Tourniquet Use)

Download PDF • 204KB

2. Cardiac Arrest in Trauma

3. Introducer Sheath (Cordis) Placement

Nurse Specific Readings

1. Ranger Rapid Infuser:

2. Blakemore/Minnesota Tube Placement For Live Patient


The Critically Ill Neonate- Neonatal Sepsis


1. Summary of General Approach to Management:

TREKK Critically Ill Neonate
Download PDF • 2.30MB

2. Pediatric Sepsis Recommendations  

3. Congenital Heart Disease Management Summary

4. Umbilical Line Placement


TCA Overdose


1. Journal Article:

2. Brief Clinical Summary:



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