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Pembroke Day 1 (April 29)- Afternoon SIM


Pediatric Asthma


1. General Approach

2. CPS Clinical Pathways

Extra Resources

Community ED Management of Severe Respiratory Distress (by Sick Kids ICU Doc & RT)


The Critically Ill Neonate- Neonatal Sepsis


1. Summary of General Approach to Management:

TREKK Critically Ill Neonate
Download PDF • 2.30MB

2. Pediatric Sepsis Recommendations

3. Congenital Heart Disease Management Summary

4. Umbilical Line Placement


Paediatric Head Trauma


1. TREKK Guidelines

TREKK Severe Head Injury
Download PDF • 524KB

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Pembroke Day 1 (April 29) - Morning SIM

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