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Pembroke Day 1 (April 29) - Morning SIM


Severe Burn with Cyanide and CO Poisoning


1. Academic Article:

Summary ED Management of Inhalational Injury
Download PDF • 271KB

2. Brief Clinical Summary/General Approach:

3. Awake Intubation Simplified Approach:

Simplified Awake Intubation Approach
Download PDF • 58KB

4. Awake Intubation Technique:

  • Note the above video is just ONE of many ways to perform this procedure. We will cover a slightly different approach during the SIM.


Myxedema Coma and Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors


1. Immunotherapy/Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Toxicity

Journal Article:

Extra Resource (highly recommended to save as FAVOURITE on phone/web browser for future real-time clinical reference)

Myxedema Coma/Decompensated Hypothyroidism

Journal Article:

Quick Read:


STEMI with Refractory Ventricular Fibrillation


1. Refractory V Fib

2. Cardiac Arrest Management Nuances

3. TPA During a Code


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