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Pembroke Day 2 (April 30)- Afternoon SIM


Toxic Alcohol


1. General Approach

2. Summary of Management

Methanol and ethylene glycol intoxication_ Rapid overview - UpToDate
Download PDF • 75KB

3. Journal Article

***Please note: it is not necessary to read the entire article below. Please focus on Page 7/Page 276.

NEJM Approach
Download PDF • 539KB

Extra Resources:

Extrip (Guidelines for What and When to Dialyze Something)

Stages of Ethylene Glycol Toxicity


Polytrauma- Intracranial Hemorrhage & Awake Intubation


1. Intracranial Hemorrhage Management:

2. Awake Intubation Simplified Approach:

Simplified Awake Intubation Approach
Download PDF • 58KB

3. Awake Intubation Technique:

  • Note the above video is just ONE of many ways to perform this procedure. We will cover a slightly different approach during the SIM.

4. Additional Resources for Traumatic Intracranial Hemorrhage Management (FOR YOUR REFERENCE ONLY)

  • Brain Trauma Foundation Guidelines Summary

Download PDF • 126KB

  • Neurocritical Care Cerebral Edema Guidelines

Download PDF • 1.03MB


Aortic Dissection


1. Approach to Diagnosis

2. Diagnosis and Management General Summary for the ED Doc

3. ADVISED Trial Summary

4. POCUS in Aortic Dissection

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