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Tillsonburg Critical Care SIM - March 25 2024


STEMI with Refractory V Fib


1. Refractory V Fib & Dual Sequential Defibrillation

2. Cardiac Arrest Management Nuances

3. TPA/TNK During a Code


Massive Pulmonary Embolism


1. General Overview

Massive PE Article
Download PDF • 199KB
  • In the above article, pay special attention to the pathophysiology of RV failure and nuances in management found on pages 6 and 7

2. Video


Calcium Channel Blocker Overdose


1. Brief Clinical Summary/General Approach:

2. Optional Readings


Massive Upper GI Bleed


Physician Readings (Nurses Also Feel Free to Review)

1. Brief Clinical Summary/General Approach:

2. Blakemore Placement:

3. SALAD Intubation Technique & Bougie with Hyperangulated Blades:

Nurse Specific Readings

1. Ranger Rapid Infuser:

2. Blakemore/Minnesota Tube Placement For Live Patient




1. DKA Physiology Review Video

2. Approach to DKA



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