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EM Physician Skills & SIM Day - October 11, 2023


Airway Management


1. Video Laryngoscopy

2. Direct Laryngoscopy with Bougie Assist

3. Cricothyrotomy

4. Awake Intubation Technique:

  • Note the above video is just ONE of many ways to perform this procedure. We will cover a slightly different approach during the clinical skills event. For a written step-by-step document of the approach we will be covering, see below:

Simplified Awake Intubation Approach
Download PDF • 58KB


POCUS Guided IV Access


1. POCUS Creep Technique

2. Central Line Insertion


Chest Tube Insertion


1. Seldinger Technique (Pigtail)


Blakemore Insertion


1. Blakemore Insertion


Lateral Canthotomy


1. Lateral Canthotomy

Simulation Sessions




1. DKA Physiology Review Video

2. Canadian Diabetes Association Guidelines

3. ED Approach to DKA


Pulmonary Embolism


1. Articles:

Massive PE Article
Download PDF • 199KB
  • In the above article, pay special attention to the pathophysiology of RV failure and nuances in management found on pages 6 and 7

2. Video


Status Epilepticus


1. Clinical Summary/General Approach:


Pediatric Asthma


1. General Approach

2. CPS Clinical Pathways

Extra Resources (not necessary to review)

Community ED Management of Severe Respiratory Distress (by Sick Kids ICU Doc & RT)


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