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Thamesview Family Health Team SIM June 16 Pre-Readings

Updated: Jun 2, 2023


Asthma Exacerbation


1. Article/Guideline:

- Keep in mind, the above is largely targeted at management in the ED environment but is still very helpful in the outpatient setting

2. Inhaler Use


Cardiac Arrest


1. Example-- Watch Until 4 minutes. Please note- the chest compressions in this video are too fast/not deep enough

2. AED Use

3. Summary of OHCA Guideline


Status Epilepticus


1. Example of First-Aid Management

2. Status Epilepticus Overview

3. Summary Medications

- Many of the below management principles are to be completed in the ED (not outpatient setting

- Rectal diazepam can also be provided if IV/IM not available


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